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Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH

Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH

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About us

Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH has been shaping the change in aviation training for over 30 years. We supply innovative developments made in Germany worldwide, contributing to the efficient and safe training of flying personnel. Our product range is not only aimed at pilots in the various stages of their training.

The portfolio also includes training rigs for maintenance, repair, and loading tasks, available at any time without tying the aircraft to the ground.

The company offers support in the planning phase, considering economic and technical aspects, project management and, last but not least, developing and producing unique training solutions.

Meanwhile, the company closely monitors the latest regulations from national and international certification authorities and maintains a constant dialogue with leading aircraft manufacturers and military and civil operators.

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Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH
Oberer Luessbach 29–31
82335 Berg

Phone:  +49 8178 86810

Contact person:

Michael Weissenboeck
Sales Manager / Key Account Manager
Phone: +49 8178 8681207

Bjoern Kanstorf
Head of Marketing and Sales
Phone: +49 8178 8681167

Andreas Streicher
Sales Manager / Key Account Manager
Phone: +49 8178 8681224

Products & Services

Taking aviation training to new heights! One of Reiser's standout features is our ability to provide training solutions from the ground up.

Whether you're looking for flat panel trainers to sharpen your skills or full-flight simulators to replicate the most realistic flying experiences, Reiser has you covered. We provide exceptional certified training solutions for civilian aircraft from scratch, contributing to safer and more proficient air travel worldwide.

Our vast range of simulators meets the rigorous demands of military aviation, ensuring that (e.g., Typhoon) pilots receive top-notch training for any mission.

We pride ourselves on being attentive to the aviation community's needs and have developed cloud-based training solutions that provide accessibility and convenience for a flexible learning environment.

Last but not least, we offer maintenance training simulators, allowing technicians to learn and practice crucial maintenance procedures in a safe and controlled environment.

Helicopter Full-Flight Simulator Level D

We provide the highest level of realistic flight experiences in our simulators, where we can put flight crews into hazardous situations that could never be tried in actual aircraft. Operators from various mission profiles benefit from the innovative system. The new system provides maximum flexibility with an intuitive on-board instructor operating station, sophisticated briefing and debriefing stations, and a wide rear cabin for fast roll-on/roll-off of cockpit interchanges and mission kits.
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H145 FFS @Lufthansa Avaiation Training

Replicated Helionix® cockpit true to detail

H145 FFS Cockpit @Lufthansa Aviation Training

hoistAR® Mobile Helicopter Hoist Operations Trainer

We intended to design a training solution for hoist operators that allows them to train in a safe and highly realistic environment. hoistAR® is based on a networked solution where the crew can train on different training devices at different locations in the same virtual scenario. The scenarios are based on real-life missions and have been developed in close cooperation with one of Germany's most significant air rescue organizations.
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hoistAR® Mobile Helicopter Hoist Operations Trainer

hoistAR® Designed and produced according to a German Airrescue operator's requirements.

High-Fidelity Eurofighter Typhoon Cockpits and G-Cueing Systems

Our approach of using replicated panels, instruments and levers only is unique in this class of simulators for military fighter aircraft. Due to this approach our cockpits can be kept easily in line with changing aircraft configurations – even ahead.
Cockpit replica may also comprise Reiser’s G-seat-motion cueing system, simulated anti-G inflation system as well as breathing air system (SAGS).
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High-Fidelity cockpit with breathing air system

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