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Diehl Aviation is first-tier supplier of avionics and cabin integration, employing people whose passion for aviation is as great as their pursuit of excellence.

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Climbing higher. Together. When passion for aviation meets a love of perfection.

Diehl Aviation is a first-tier supplier, employing people whose passion for aviation is as great as their pursuit of excellence. As a supplier of avionics and cabin integration, Diehl Aviation is a well-respected partner to the aviation industry.

The portfolio of Diehl Aviation not only includes avionics and cabin equipment but also galleys, lavatories and monuments, sanitary solutions for aircraft, fire prevention, water supply, and air-conditioning as well as a comprehensive retrofit solutions.

Thanks to global customer service, Diehl Aviation products are in the best of hands for the entire life cycle of the aircraft.

Almost all of the well-known aircraft manufacturers are customers of Diehl Aviation: From Airbus and Boeing, to Bombardier, Embraer, and Gulfstream.

In addition to this, Diehl Aviation is also a supplier to manufacturers for various military programs, such as Tiger, Eurofighter, and A400M.

Diehl Aviation
Am Flugplatz
88471 Laupheim

Phone: +49 7392 703 0
Internet: www.highlights-diehlaviation.com/en

Products and services

Full solution provider for cabin optimization

We have been committed to designing and manufacturing intelligent aircraft interiors for manufacturers and operators for decades. Combining a boundless spirit of innovation, extraordinary know-how, and an unmatched drive for effectivity, we maintain passenger safety and comfort while at the same time reduce the total cost of ownership and maximize our customers´ earnings.

Inspired by the sun - Interpreted for the senses

The “color rendering index” (CRI) of Diehl Aviation cabin illumination is very close to that of sunlight. Light quality is also reflected in the longevity of a solution like the integrated aging compensation. This keeps total costs as low as possible while a replacement is easily possible at any time. Specially coordinated algorithms ensure that every possible hue can be realized simply with software controls. In an aircraft cabin this can be used to increase the well-being of passengers, reduce the fear of flying and jetlag.
Enlarged overhead bin

Space. Comfort. Revenue.

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Space Optimized Lavatory 31”

Higher potential for additional revenue and passenger comfort.

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The galley and lavatory combo.

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