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GARANT Tool24 PickOne & GARANT Tool24 Smartline : 100 percent better control over consumable materials with 50 percent less wastage

Tool issuing systems improve requirements planning, increase the security of supply and reduce wastage by up to 50 percent.

Digitalization and automation are becoming increasingly integrated into industrial companies. One instance of this is modern tool issuing systems which provide daily supplies of tools and personal protective work wear, and automatically trigger reordering.

Industrial companies are turning increasingly to modern tool issuing systems to provide an overview of their consumption of tools and personal protective work wear, which allows them to plan their future requirements more effectively. For software-controlled systems of this kind the employees must log in by PIN, RFID tag, password or fingerprint before a drawer or issuing compartment can be opened and the desired article taken out. Depending on the system configuration, employees may have to declare a cost centre, machine or job number before removing an item; this promotes additional discipline and creates greater transparency for requirements planning.

With maintenance-free systems that are developed for 24/7 operation, the issuing of tools and personal protective work wear can be reliably organised even for multi-shift operation and for unscheduled special shifts around the clock.

Since optimum use can be made of the available space, issuing systems can be tailored exactly to the requirements of the company and for the products that have to be managed. For instance, in the GARANT Tool24 Smartline tool issuing cabinet from the Hoffmann Group the height and width of drawers can be configured to the customer’s individual requirements.

Alternatively the new GARANT Tool24 PickOne offers four different sizes of compartments which the customer can combine for himself on the modular principle. Modern tool management systems also ensure restricted access to selected C-articles by means of special small compartments and drawers so that selective issuing of individual articles can be organised. This “individual issuing” principle permits one hundred percent control over consumable materials. That is not only because employees must log in to the system before they can take out an article, but also because the small withdrawal compartments allow them only very restricted access to the individual products. Even the stock levels of classic C-articles can be monitored exactly. Individual issuing makes it possible for instance to reduce the wastage of safety gloves or earplugs by up to 50 percent. This has been the experience of customers of the Hoffmann Group. If heavy articles such as solid carbide tools have to be managed by an individual issuing system, the system must be strengthened to cater for particularly heavy loads. Some tool management systems have been designed for this reason to provide load capacities of up to a tonne.To ensure that the issuing system always carries the correct stocks of the tools and protective work wear, modern tool management systems are equipped with an interface to the materials management system of the production operation.

These networking options allow the tool issuing system to be configured so that when the stock level falls below the reorder level, purchasing and materials planning are informed and orders are placed automatically with the nominated supplier. The issuing system can thus maintain optimum stock levels at all times. When selecting a new issuing system it should also be ensured that it can be used in conjunction with other issuing systems and connected to a uniform control system, or that it can be used as a control system in its own right.

This is because it is not just larger production operations that often have several tool issuing cabinets operating in parallel. Even in smaller companies multiple systems are needed at different locations.

Exhibitor: Hoffmann Quality Tools Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

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